oh my gosh, i found a goldmine!!!

ok, i am on the major search for prints and paintings for our new apartment. i've scoured etsy and a few other sites but haven't really found the "umph" i'm looking for...until tonight. i discovered thumbtackpress.com via we *heart* prints.com via who knows where via who knows where, etc etc.

thumbtackpress.com is AWESOME!!! i'm located just a "few" of my favorite prints. my blog is turning into a veritable art gallery. sorry, i didn't include the titles since i was copying over so many prints. oh, and by the way, i'm doing all of this while playing "settlers" with 3 men who are too engrossed in this board game and a basketball game to share in my art excitement. :)

alex noriega
title: pollution is nice
hmmm...as an angeleno who hates pollution, this may be something i may have to put up on my wall as a gesture of optimism. one of our good friends is getting his phd in atmospheric science, this is his bread and butter...i shall email him this picture. hehe.

gina triplett

josh sears
reminds me of my high school, college, grad school days.

josh sears
i like this print but people with super long hair really freak me out.

Joanne Lew-Vriethoff
the title of this is "perky nipples".

(i'm not going to include prints from jeremy forson, but he deserves an honorable mention on my blog because his art is SO NASTY AND SCARY!!! )

jared drew moody

jared drew moody

jared drew moody
(my husband might actually like this one)

jaime zollars


Gianluca Foli

Gianluca Folì
so silly! so preposterous! i love it!

Gianluca Folì
(i'll probably buy this one. hehe)

alex noriega

chris silas neal

chris silas neal

shino arihara

here's some other art i stumbled across tonight.

rachell sumpter from http://www.littlepaperplanes.com

kim cogan from http://www.theartprint.net

katy horan from http://www.kopilot.net


andrea said...

wow, all of them are gorgeous! thanks for sharing the link.

libby said...

great minds think alike :)

josh said...

Just wanted to say hi and glad that you like my prints :)

Josh S.

Anonymous said...

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