photoshop question

does anybody know how to take off that glare on the green tin box?

edit: eh, nevermind. i entered the photos sans photoshop. that program makes my head spin. i wish picasa was mac-enabled.


some photos of my place.

i'll let these sit on my blog for a little bit before i decide to officially enter them. it's kind of scary exposing such a private space to such a public sphere.


apartment therapy's fall color's contest

my favorite internet event is happening now! i <3 annual fall colors contest. i'm thinking of entering but i'm pretty intimidated by some of the awesome entries that have already been submitted. of course my goal would not be to win...i already know i'm a longshot. :) but still, it seems kind of fun to participate, so maybe i'll snap some pictures tomorrow. please vote for me! (if anyone still reads this, that is) here are a few pictures of my absolute favorite entry ever. 2nd place winner in the 2005 contest: