rooms to inspire

I just bought this book for my mother in law- Rooms to Inspire: Decorating with America's Best Designers. It just came out last week and so I'm pretty confident that she either doesn't have it or hasn't perused through it already. My in-laws just bought a summer home on some island off of Georgia so I'm hoping she'll appreciate the interior design inspiration. :)

It looks like a really cool book. Maybe I can actually read it when I'm over for the holidays or something, hehe.


looking for pictures

i bought this frame several weeks ago from boom design and i'm having a hard time figuring out what kind of pictures to put in it. the window sizes are kind of awkward as the entire thing is only 11 x 14. the rectangles are also too narrow to put any standard vertical photos without looking chopped.

i think i'm going to just print out cute images i see and include them...esp for the tiny windows.

but i do love this frame. :) slowly yet surely, things are going up on our walls.


magazine overload

i just subscribed to domino magazine! it's about time i stop leeching off quick reads at the bookstore or supermarket lines. :) i notice they use a lot of cool/warm combos- i'm loving this orange and blue, of course.

i already subscribe to martha stewart living and the economist and i recently received gift subscriptions to dwell and gourmet. that's five magazines!!! i have a hard enough time keeping up with the economist's weekly reads.

what magazines do you guys subscribe to?

i made mini green tea cheesecakes topped with fresh raspberries with a gingerbread crust. i love making finger-friendly desserts for parties because there always seems to be a pie overload (or at least the parties i go to). i hate making pies. they are ugly to me and mine will always be inferior to the ones at apple pan. YUM, the best pies ever.


i'm so predictable...

long time no post, i've been on vacation. :)

orange is my favorite color...but only as an accent color- especially when paired with blue or green (and lots of white). i find that i always gravitate towards pictures that utilize these colors. some things that have caught my eye recently:

happiness! heidi giftwrap (via decor8)

i bought this pop ink plate from mr. french awhile ago. i didn't realize that it was made out of melamine so i have to figure out a way to hang it. we definitely have an orange/blue theme going on in our living room. :)

i LURVE this wall color. this was supposed to be the wall color of our apartment but it ended up turning out more sky blue-ish. bah. Eva Zeisel (via apartmenttherapy.com)

okay, there's another picture of an orange ottoman against a blue couch but i can't find it.