the internets is weird

dude, i totally forgot about this website's existence. i checked my counter for the first time in months and i discovered that this page has been written about and linked via other bloggers. it seems like a lot of readers come for wedding related reasons. dude, i can't believe my wedding continues to follow me an entire year later. we recently celebrated our 1st year anniversary with a fabulous 4 day trip to san diego. :) i freaking love married life!

since it seems like many of my readers come for wedding-related stuff, here's a post for y'alls. we recently went to one of my favorite weddings ever. why favorite? because in the midst of this crazy wedding bonanza of a summer, we attended a 50 person wedding that ended with a really chill cocktail hour-esque reception. no sit down dinner, no forced conversation, and people were free to mingle and drink like you were at a normal party. the couple had to work with a super tiny budget and they pulled it off fabulously at the uber-swank luxe hotel in bel air. they had heavy passed appetizers (which was basically a meal), a dessert bar, and open bar. this is definitely the way to go if you're on a tight budget.

check out the desserts, yo!