i bought a macbook!

i've been laptop-less for 2 months and patiently waited for apple's unveiling of their macbook airs yesterday. it's beautiful, but not fabulous enough to justify the cost; the macbook is simply a better and smarter deal. so i got one today and now i'm searching for a sleeve and/or a bag for this 13 incher.

here are some of etsy's offerings:

from working class heroes

italia craft

hmmmm...they're okay but nothing to fall in love with. anybody have any good suggestions?


my LA food guide

FINALLY! i made a google maps guide of all things delicious in LA. here's the link.

and here's the map:

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so i checked my counter for the first time in several months and i see that i'm getting an insane number of hits...thanks to being linked on apartment therapy's kitchn.com. who knew?

i actually have a sorta-kinda food journal- it's mostly a place where i can store recipes that i like. http://dinnerjournal.blogspot.com

tonight i made pork cutlets with figs and balsamic vinegar and it was truly fabulous. i also made a salad with mixed greens, roasted tomatoes, marinated mozzarella, and dates- which was also quite wonderful. for you LA peeps, be sure to check out "farm boy"- it's like farmer's market meets korean grocery store prices. i had a hell of a time finding fresh figs (i even called a few middle eastern markets) and lo and beyond, farm boy came to the rescue.

ps: the holiday party was a smashing success. i think we'll have one every year.