happy 4th of july!

we're heading out now for the best independence day party ever. one of my good friends lives in a swank downtown condo perched on a hill overlooking all of LA county. last 4th of july, we sat on her deck and witnessed literally hundreds of fireworks simultaneously bursting every second. it almost looked like a war scene with the entire sky lit up with bolts of light and color for hours. most of the fireworks were concentrated in east la...lots of illegal activity going on there.

i made festive panna cotta cups topped with strawberry coulis and fresh blueberries. dude, panna cotta is now my official go-to for potlucks. it's quick, easy, cheap, and is a veritable blank canvas for all things fruity and creative. matcha green tea panna cotta for st. patrick's day, kabocha pumpkin panna cotta for thanksgiving, peppermint and chocolate for christmas, the possibilities are endless. i better buy these plastic cups in bulk. :)

also displayed is my object of kitchen obsession: the dean and deluca spice rack (plus mariage freres tea, yum). this was the first item on our wedding registry, the absolute sexiest spice rack. hehehe.