fear and trembling

guestlist is now at 83 people. i think we're hoping around half will show up.

this could potentially be a major disaster. i don't even think 83 people can physically fit into our space. and i don't think i can humanly cook enough food for everyone. jesus, it's time to bust your fish and bread miracle, yo.

oh god, what have i started. i'm basically planning another wedding. oh, and invites went out today- i must say, i think they're pretty damn cute. :)

in other news, we switched around our bedroom and office and painted our new office a daring kelly green! it took nearly a year to convince my husband to do this and now that it's done, he can't stop talking about how much he loves the change. duh, of course! hehe. we also ordered a HUGE painting as an early christmas present to ourselves. hopefully, it'll get here before le partay.



over dinner, the hubbie and i were commenting on how long it had been since we'd seen some of our friends. we decided to host a big christmas party before we leave for michigan and have a tentative guest list of at least 40 people. i don't know how all those people are going to fit into our tiny apartment, yikes. he had also commented how his parents would send out paper invites for their christmas party- and i said-- why not?! yay for snail mail! hehe, on our drive home, i started to yap about all the different foods i could make. yay, i love fun party food!

this is going to be quite the ambitious endeavor.


my office calendar

i've been searching for a good 2008 wall calendar but i haven't found anything i like. i needed something with all the months on one page because i'm constantly referring to different dates throughout the year at work.

soooo... i made one! i used the free calendar download via blueprint magazine (thanks poppytalk!) and just cut and glued them onto some leftover wedding paper i had (from paper source). here are some pictures:

my shelf with things i love. i'm kind of known as a tea snob-nazi at my work. i'm realizing that all the tea i drink either comes out of imported tin cans or from asian grocery stores. that bowl is also LE perfect bowl, especially for quick microwave meals. the handle is wonderful and the bowl's material prevents it from getting too hot.

in other news, decor8 commented on my apartment post. she wrote "wow what an impressive space you occupy. fantastic!!!". so i didn't place with the apartment therapy contest but i think getting complimented by decor8 is even better- i don't even know how she found my puny site. yay.