ca boom design show discount for bloggers

this seems really neat. ca boom is offering a special discounted package for bloggers and blog readers (ok basically anyone lucky enough to see this link)- http://www.caboomshow.com/blogger/. there's even a special reception just for design bloggers on thursday night. i'll be skiing in colorado during this time, which is a bit tragic since i live within a stone's throw distance to the conference. boooo. i would LOVE to see inside of the homes i pass by on a daily basis. yesterday, my husband and i went "running" in mar vista and i basically walked the entire time just to take in all the cool architecture of some of the homes. and also, because i am lazy and out of shape. (thank you cool houses for giving me an excuse)

aw, the more i think about this, the more i'm sad that i can't go. when else can i finally look into the cool homes in my community?

by the way, if anybody is going and wants great restaurant recs (big big foodie here), just let me know. :)

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