i <3 my sofa.

i feel like the design blog world has been talking a lot about sofas lately. designsponge and decor8, my two favorite blogs, have recently posted about sofas that look very similar to mine. yay, that makes me feel validated since i knew my dream sofa was kind of off-kilter compared to what most newlyweds buy.

before we moved into our new place, i had a very specific idea of what kind of sofa i wanted. i tend to have this bad habit of creating things in my head and hoping that i can find it somewhere. i wanted something similar to the bantam sofa from design within reach (brown) and the andre sofa from room and board (sage). i wanted one long cushion on the bottom but two cushions in the back. and guess where i ended up finding it? at a spa- i asked the manager where he bought it and he said that he's been meaning to sell it b/c he changed his mind and wanted individual chairs instead. his loss, my gain- and for only $350! zgallerie just discontinued them but the manufacturer richter designs, still sells them.

i recently ordered a new cover for the bottom cushion. maybe several years and stains later, i can justify reupholstering it like designsponge and lena corwin did. it's currently a medium brown microsuede and can sit 4-5 people! it's also one of the few couches my husband can lie comfortably on (since he's 6-2). note: this is not the sofa i wanted the zinnia pillow to sit in. too much horizontal action.