amanda blake

here is some eye candy, an artist i discovered on etsy (by the name thisisalliknow). i've seriously scoured etsy in hopes of finding a painting or two but i can't find anything i like in my budget. the following paintings are not on sale but are on amanda's personal site. i'm in search of some prints, as well, but paintings are my priority now. :)

amanda blake.


Design Hole said...

I like these! What are you looking for paintings for? A particular room? Here's a tip: check out art colleges in your area and go to their year=end show. The art at the spring show at The College for Creative Studies, in Detroit, is for sale and you can find some wonderful works of art at student prices.

greengelato said...

we recently moved into a new place and we're kinda "starting from scratch" and cleansed ourselves from most of our college items. :) i check out the pasadena art center's student shows time to time, but next time, i will go with the eye to buy something. yay!

milee said...

love the color combinations!