i bought a new table!

yayyy!! i found this end table off of craigslist (man, i adore that site) and purchased it tonight. most of my craigslist experiences have been so positive because of all the interesting people i meet. the lady i bought this table from lives in silverlake (little bohemia of los angeles) and her apartment was a treasure trove of cute mid century furniture and art. she told us that she buys most of her stuff at estate sales where she often has to compete with furniture store dealers who invariably mark up these pieces at exorbitant prices.

man, i adore mid century modern furniture. i had no idea it was so popular until i started reading apartment therapy. i thought i just intrinsically preferred the whole flea market look but i guess it's some kind of phenomenon spreading through the design world. but i prefer MCM pieces to accent rooms rather than dominating the room's style (then i start feeling i'm in a time warp). anyway, i'm sure it's only a matter of time before stores like ikea and target start manufacturing this style- urban outfitters has already caught on. get your vintage pieces at reasonable prices while you can!

anyway... since i had to trek over to silverlake, i made sure to justify my drive out there by eating at one of my favorite restaurants- alcove cafe. my friend and i had somehow scored a free molten lava cake due to a mixup. that's the second time that's happened to me! yum.


CeLee said...

what a fabulous find on craigslist... way to go!

tj said...

i haven't yet delved into the wonders that is craigslist, but keep hearing about all the amazing things you can find there. *shrug* as for MCM, yeah definitely good if used sparingly.

congrats on the new blog!