am i crazy to be obsessed with a pillow?

i've been on the search for le pillow, or more like les pillows for our 3 couches. man oh man, i've perused through so many websites and the zinnia pillow from room & board stole my breathe for a moment. i then lost another breathe and nearly went unconscious when i saw the price: $129. yikes! i've always said that cute pillows are totally worth splurging on, but i'm not sure i'm willing to spend so much on one tiny item that costs as much as the couch it would sit on (granted, a craigslist couch). to make the pain even deeper, i played this stupid game where i made several friends guess which pillow (out of all the pretty room & board pillows) they think i'd like best...and of course they say this one. "it's so you!" they say. maybe if this pillow sits on this blog for awhile, i'll get sick of it due to over-exposure. muhaha.


Nanette said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

jaime said...

It's totally normal. I get obsessed all the time.

CeLee said...

i'm totally obsessed with pillows... but i kinda cheat ... i get them at ross & marshalls! sometimes they have some groovy patterns.