vietnamese artists

i discovered the joy that is contemporary vietnamese art while in hong kong's artist district several years ago. i also love indonesian contemporary art; i visited so many amazing galleries while i was there. sigh sigh, what i would do for one of these pieces in my home. (for now, i should at least look for a print)

i have all this random art saved all over my computer and i have to figure out a way to archive them without losing them in the labyrinth that is margaret's file organization. i guess i'm going to randomly post them on my blog...more for my sake, but i guess it's nice to share, as well.

nguyen thanh binh

dao hai phong

alessi trivets
ok this is really random, but isn't this trivet (made by alessi) so beautiful? yes, it's "just" a trivet, but i love love love it. a gift from a friend working at moma. alessi's probably a household name by now since pinkberry sells all their cutesy tschotkies but their main houseware line is ga-ga-gorgeouso. (and unaffordable-o).

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